Monday, April 24, 2017


For those of you that don't know much about me I live in the Southern Tier area of New York.  As I have been researching Bigfoot in our area, there is one area that people bring up over and over again and that is Connecticut Hill.  Connecticut Hill is the largest Wildlife Management Area in New York State, totaling 11,045 acres. It's located sixteen miles southwest of Ithaca and one mile northeast of Alpine.   I have applied Robert W. Morgan's criteria from his book "Bigfoot Observer's Field Guide" for a research area to the Connecticut Hill State Game Lands and this area has it all (except a Native American reservation).  (As a side note, if you don't have this book it should be the next one you purchase!)

In my research I have came up with some interesting reports about activity in this area.  The first story I came across was from an article written in January of 2015 on the Cryptozoology News website.  It was titled "Terrified New Yorker Loses Expensive Equipment After Seeing ‘Bigfoot.’" The article goes on to tell about a man and his friend that were hiking along the Vanloon Road in Connecticut Hill when they encountered the beast in Dec. 8, 2013. “It was around 8.30 a.m., about an hour till daylight, an hour or an hour and a half. You could hear kind of a woosh!, woosh!, as if you are going through frozen grass,” he reported. That’s when the two noticed the purported cryptid, just at about 100 yards, getting off the road and walking under a tree branch toward a thick patch of woods. “I could see the upper body, and as it was walking, it covered a lot of ground in between, you know, something that you and I would cover in two to three minutes. This thing was enormous.”
The animal was described by the witness as having “solid charcoal black” short hair and 4-foot wide shoulders. “I could see like a shine to it, you could see the muscle mass to it. Judging by the branches I saw it go under, and going back to that, it was at least 9-feet tall. It had to duck down a little bit to bet under that branch. The branch stood at 8 feet and 4 inches.” 
     Another story I found was from  This incident took place in August of 2003. " It was closed to Swan Road and it was night time.  A man who was camping with a small group said that he heard  what sounded like someone taking a large log and banging it against a tree about 2:30 AM.  They reported that the bullfrogs that had been very loud the day before fell silent the next morning and their dog ran away.  While looking for their pet, the woman said she had an overwhelming feeling of being watched and smelled a terrible sound that made her think there may be something dead nearby."   
     I found the next story on the GCBRO website from February of 1999.  This occurred about 9:30 at night.  "A man and two friends were snowmobiling and stopped in a field to fix a broken snowmobile. While the men were working on the sled they heard a loud scream from the woods on the edge of the field. It was nothing they had  ever heard before.  they said being outdoorsmen they were caught by surprise because it wasn't a noise they had ever heard before. They heard the scream twice in one spot and then once in another spot about five minutes later. They  didn't hear any movement but they reported that there was alot of snow on the ground. They shined a flashlight in the area of the sounds but didn't see anything."
     I am asking that anyone that has information that they would like to share about this area or any other area that is nearby please contact me! 


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